George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved America

Written by:
Don Yaeger , Brian Kilmeade
Narrated by:
Brian Kilmeade

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2013
5 hours 55 minutes
From the cohost of Fox & Friends, the true story of the anonymous spies who helped win the Revolutionary War
Among the pantheon of heroes of the American Revolution, six names are missing. First and foremost, Robert Townsend, an unassuming and respected businessman from Long Island, who spearheaded the spy ring that covertly brought down the British . . . before they, or anyone else, could discover their names.
Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger finally give Townsend and his fellow spies their proper due, telling the fascinating story of how they passed information to George Washington that turned the tide of the war. Using a network of citizen operatives that included a longshoreman, bartender, newspaper editor, housewife, tailor, and femme fatale, and employing a series of complex codes, the so-called Culper Spy Ring used sophisticated tactics to subvert the British.
Based on previously unpublished research, George Washington’s Secret Six is a gripping history of these amazing, anonymous Patriots who risked their lives for our freedom.
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Shari H.

Excellent. Historically correct

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Jorge Hernandez

Great read, got me interested in the revolutionary war.

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Stephen J.

Story was a good piece of history though constantly changing the time line made it a little tricky to follow. Brian narrated too fast.

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Great audio book highly recommended.

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Diane B.

I enjoyed the book very much and learned much about the Revolutionary War from the spy side. I thought Brian Kilmeade's narration went very fast. If he had read slower, at a normal rate, the book would have lasted longer and been more entertaining. I kept waiting for him to slow down. Otherwise, it was a masterful piece of story telling. Its too bad we didn't learn of the fate of the spy who went by a number. I keep wondering.

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Gilbert Sanchez

Loved this story. Told by a gifted story tailor with a flair for audio book narration. As a DoD component of the NSA (the last 30 years), its great to hear stories of these unsung patriots! Highly recommended

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Chris Williams

This book has too much back and forth making time lines confusing.

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