Getting It Done When You're Depressed, Second Edition: 50 Strategies for Keeping Your Life on Track

Written by:
Julie A. Fast , John Preston
Narrated by:
Stephanie Cannon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
10 hours 11 minutes
Don't let depression get in the way of the life you want to live!

Many people suffer from depression on a daily basis. The hard part is learning to live with it. Getting up and getting moving can seem like an insurmountable chore. You know you need to be productive but your brain just won't cooperate.

Getting It Done When You're Depressed offers 50 strategies to break the cycle of inactivity that so often accompanies depression. These strategies are practical and easily applicable for anyone trying to lead a lifetime of productivity, regardless of your mood.

In this revised edition, you'll find these strategies and more:
- Feel the depression--and do it anyway.
- Generate creativity.
- Allow time for positive results.
- Know when your brain is lying to you.
- Tips on differenciating depression from bipolar disorder.

It's time to come out from under your depression brain fog, create a daily structure, and feel great about yourself and your abilities again!

© 2021 Julie A. Fast; John D. Preston © 2021 DK Audio
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