A Ghost in Shining Armor

Written by:
Therese Beharrie
Narrated by:
Julienne Irons

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
9 hours 5 minutes
In this spellbinding romantic comedy, a woman with a supernatural talent is haunted by one persistent spirit-and a seductive, impossible love . . .

Once haunted . . .

Gemma Daniels has never been quite the 'down to earth' woman her adoptive parents raised her to be. She even has a unique gift: she can see ghosts-and she likes helping them settle their unfinished business. But the hotter-than-hot stranger she impulsively kisses on a bet is not only a phantom, he's determined to help her. And the only way Gemma can explain his presence is to pretend they're a real-life couple . . .

Twice shy . . .

Levi Walker lived-and died-to save his sister. Now he's got a second chance at life if he assists Gemma in reuniting with her own long-lost sibling . . . and then never sees Gemma again.

Third time's the unforgettable charm . . .

Gemma is thrilled to be getting to know her sister, but it causes a family rift she may not be able to heal. On top of that, she's falling for a ghost with a dilemma. For Levi must decide what loyalty-and living-is truly all about. To fix their mistakes, Gemma and Levi must risk being real with themselves-and each other-if they're ever to claim true love . . .
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