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The Gods of Atheism

Written by:
Vincent Miceli
Narrated by:
Daniel Thomas May

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
21 hours 17 minutes
Fr. Vincent Miceli breaks ground in this analysis of seventeen Enlightenment theologians and philosophers who contributed to the rise of atheism. He explores their efforts and successes in convincing mankind to deny the existence of God, and he demonstrates how atheism has succeeded by creating mythical gods to stand in the place of God. What Fr. Miceli shows is that each tenet of atheism doesn't deny the existence of a Higher Power; it simply replaces the true Power with a false power.

Fr. Miceli will help you spot those 'practical atheists' of our day-those who, despite calling themselves Christians, water down Christianity and reduce God to a reflection of their own personal desires.

You'll also learn how the devil tempts us against the Faith and how this leads to infidelity and habitual denials of God. Fr. Miceli gives important examples how the influence of philosophers such as Camus has corrupted man's understanding of social justice.

The Gods of Atheism will help you understand how and why our society has fallen into such a state of religious indifference and corruption-and how to navigate, and even thrive in, this post-Christian culture with unwavering faith in the one true God.
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