Grave Capitol [Dramatized Adaptation]: Deathlands 143

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
6 hours 13 minutes
'Continuing from Deathlands 142: Into Delirium.

One Nation Under Sod.

Washington DC was hardest hit in the nukecaust that heralded the Deathlands era. But beneath the crater of radioactive ruins, a functioning city of survivors is crafting a culture that plans to reshape America. Ryan Cawdor and his companions enter into this enclosed, underground world and find an ordered and progressive society based on the tenets of the US Constitution.

But as they settle into this seeming idyll, the companions uncover a sinister threat at the ville’s heart, and a bold plan to finally wipe out the last remnants of humankind.

Performed by Alejandro Ruiz, Alysia Beltran, Amanda Forstrom, Amin Shravan, Cody Roberts, Coleen Delany, David Zitney, Donald Guzzi, Eric Messner, Jason Keller, Julie Hoverson, Karen Novack, Karenna Foley, Ken Jackson, Laura C. Harris, Lise Bruneau, Lolita Horne, Mark Harrietha, Melody Muze, Mike Ciporkin, Nazia Chaudhry, Nicole Perez, Richard Rohan, Ryan Haugen, Ryan Reid, Scott McCormick, Steve Wannall, Terence Aselford, and Triya Leong.'
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