Grave New World: The End of Globalization, the Return of History

Written by:
Stephen D. King
Narrated by:
Shaun Grindell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
8 hours 43 minutes
Globalization, long considered the best route to economic prosperity, is not inevitable. An approach built on the principles of free trade and, since the 1980s, open capital markets, is beginning to fracture. With disappointing growth rates across the Western world, nations are no longer willing to sacrifice national interests for global growth; nor are their leaders able-or willing-to sell the idea of pursuing a global agenda of prosperity to their citizens.

Combining historical analysis with current affairs, economist Stephen D. King provides a provocative and engaging account of why globalization is being rejected, what a world ruled by rival states with conflicting aims might look like, and how the pursuit of nationalist agendas could result in a race to the bottom. King argues that a rejection of globalization and a return to 'autarky' will risk economic and political conflict, and he uses lessons from history to gauge how best to avoid the worst possible outcomes.
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Jeff L.

Globalisation has possibly decreased wars (depending on how you count CIA-led coups and the like), but in every other measure it has been an abject failure. It takes a special kind of deluded mind to convince oneself that the economic path taken by the US in the 1800s and Japan and South Korea in the 1900s is the worst possible set of choices for prosperity and that we need to all rush to adopt the economic strategies of places like Somalia and Indonesia to ensure prosperity. The theme of this book is that if we are not careful we will lose this "prosperity". Cry me a river.

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