Written by:
Anton Chekhov
Narrated by:
Peter Coates

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
0 hours 34 minutes
'Gusev'  is an 1890 short story by Anton Chekhov.
Several discharged soldiers return home from the Far East by ship. Confined to the hospital cabin, they are all apparently dying of consumption and seemingly indifferent to their condition. Among them are Gusev, a mild, racist, slightly dim man, and the mysterious Pavel Ivanovich, an ardent 'protester' who often goes on diatribes (many of which Gusev either misunderstands or ignores) about his lifelong commitment to telling people 'the truth to their faces'. Ivanovich is proud of having riled every single person around him during his three years' service in the East, and thinks all the other men present are fools. He later reveals that he is the son of a priest and had to disguise himself as a peasant to buy his third-class ticket. One day, while Gusev is asleep, Pavel Ivanovich dies. One of the other soldiers, seeing that Gusev will also die shortly, helps him up to the ship's deck, where they look at the waves crashing into one another. Several days later, Gusev dies. His body is sewn into a sailcloth sack and weighted. After a short prayer, it is thrown into the ocean, where a shark bites at it. Up above, the ocean begins to reflect the colors of the sky, '...tender, joyous, passionate colours for which it is hard to find a name in human speech'.
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