A Hand of Vengeance

Written by:
John Stafford
Narrated by:
Adam Barr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
15 hours 28 minutes
THE BATTLE AGAINST DARKNESS RAGES ON AS THE MINIONS OF THE EVIL ONE LAY DOWN A TRAP TO ENSNARE THE BOY WHO CAN CALL DOWN ANGELS FROM HEAVEN.A gun is fired outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. President Ronald Reagan is hit and slumps into his limousine near death. Six months later a bomb explodes in London. Two are killed and forty injured. What was not reported by the press was that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher cancelled an appearance that morning that would have placed her squarely in the kill zone.It is 1981. In the midst of those two events, as Pope John Paul II greets an adoring crowd in St. Peter’s Square, four shots are fired by escaped murderer, Mehmet Ali Agca. The official story was that the bullet that hit the pope in the abdomen barely missed all vital organs. That was not true. No surgeon could save him from his injuries. But there was still hope.In A Hand of Vengeance, three seemingly unrelated events are part of a mosaic created by Satan’s warriors, both human and spiritual, to lure Brady, the young man who talks with angels and who can call on the Light of the Blessed Virgin, to a place where his maddening interference will be destroyed once and for all.But Brady is anointed by God for such a time as this. With his brothers and an ancient line of Hebrew warriors at his side, knowing full well that a hideous trap is laid for him, he again charges boldly into the eternal battle, facing Satan’s foulest in Rome, Paris, and a place of unspeakable horror in Calcutta, India, as he comes to the aid of an Albanian nun who is gallantly fighting for God’s most vulnerable of children.Brady will lose people he loves dearly. But God will reveal to him that the call and blessing that was given to his grandfather and passed on to his father and then bestowed on himself will continue in his family as he holds faithful to the call.
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