The Haunted

Written by:
Bentley Little
Narrated by:
Dan Butler

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2012
11 hours 51 minutes
Julie and Claire Perry and their two children, Megan and James, have made the move to a bigger, nicer home in their city’s historic district. But something isn’t right.

The neighbors seem reluctant to visit. Claire can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her. Megan receives increasingly menacing and obscene texts. And James is having terrible dreams. No wonder, considering what he’s seen in the corner of the basement, staring at him and shuffling closer ever so slowly.

Pity no one warned the family about the house. Now it’s too late. Because the darkness at the bottom of the stairs is rising …
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Michelle K.

I liked this book. Creepy but incredibly interesting. I stayed up very late listening. People talk negatively about the sexual parts of the book but it all ties in together. Great read.

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Jillian M

Weird book. Some interesting parts I liked the history behind the haunting but way too many random and unnecessary sex scenes. Just awkward, and narration was drab.

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Angie P.

easy read but not interesting story. just random moments and didn't gave me the scares.

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Kimberly W.

It was a good story. Had creepy moments. Overall wasn’t my favorite book I have listened to but was good.

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Natalie H.

The book was well written. I could have done without the sex stuff, not necessary to the overall plot. I wish the end was a bit anti climatic for me.

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Melissa M.

Kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a great book and an interesting ending that I still appreciated. Definitely a psychological thriller but I liked it very much.

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craig s

This was an excellent book. Really liked. It was creepy and eerie. That's how I like it. The narrator was good too. Brought the characters to life! Good read, highly recommend it!

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Kristy Erickson

This was quite the book!! If you love scary and twisted, this book is for you! I have listened to better - I must admit. I didn't like the ending either- kinda of a let down.

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kimberly SCoggins

The book was very well written. The author did a great job of showing you each charterers prospective. There were not many twist and turns; but that's okay. The horror genera is very hard to write for and be original. This book was too my standers in this department. The narration however fell flat for me. I would have like to have heard the desperation, frustration, sadness and happiness of these charterers. The narrator was very much one ton throughout the book. All & all it was a good book.

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Alicia Wentzel

Great book...dark, scary, shocking....loved it! Descriptive enough to give the listener a visual of the events.

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Denise Collett

Pretty good read. Narrator did an excellent job! Wasn't thrilled at the ending but not every book can end the way I'd like it to.

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Olivia Frisbie

An engaging, suspenseful, little gem of a book. My first book by this author; can't wait to dive into his other works.

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