The Heart of Iuchiban

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
10 hours 19 minutes
Return to the world of Legend of the Five Rings: Adventures in Rokugan, in this fantasy adventure pitting noble samurai against a forgotten evil corrupting the whole realm

Something is wrong in the Emerald Empire. The emperor is ailing, the court is weak and the Great Clans threaten to escalate their petty squabbling into all-out war. But in the shadows, another threat lurks-sinister Bloodspeaker cults attempt to resurrect the forgotten sorcerer Iuchiban, who possess a power so great it could destroy all of Rokugan. Now seven samurai, one from each of the Great Clans, must put aside their pride, fear, and rivalry to unite and prevent the Bloodspeakers from finding the legendary tomb of Iuchiban, and the hideous treasure locked inside. All that stands in the samurai's way is their hatred of each other. The road will be long and bloody, but glory waits for them at journey's end. As does death . . .
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Travis G.

The Narrator was good but it was still hard to tell whom from who sometimes. The book was great but it starts at Chapter 3 and so we miss out on what happened before the first great battle. Some of the battles and main plots seemed hurried, not the Narrator's fault but the Wroters.

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