Hello Fake Boyfriend

Hello Fake Boyfriend

Written by:
Kelsie Hoss
Narrated by:
Luke Welland , Allyson Voller
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
10 hours 1 minute
Confession: I'm known for writing the best happily ever afters... but I don't believe in love.

But you're not allowed to say that on live TV when you're promoting the movie based on your book. The movie producers will get really mad and threaten to cancel the sequel. Unless you can prove to the public that you have a boyfriend. A real one not nestled in the pages of a book.

Jonas seems like the perfect option for a fake boyfriend-a vanilla accountant that I would never in a million years catch feelings for. That is until I get to know him more...

He's dependable, thoughtful, and has the kind of family I wish I'd had growing up.

This fake relationship was supposed to save my career from ruin, but now I'm worried it will ruin my heart instead.
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