Hero Next Door: A Single Dad Military Romance

Written by:
Lara Swann

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
8 hours 19 minutes
Ex-Marine. Ex-Wife. Ex-hausted. I left my brothers in the Marines to start a family. I left my ex-wife when that family drove her to drink and drugs. Now all I have left is my son-and he's all I care about.

I can't afford to make another mistake. And the girl who moved in next door? Mistake written all over her. She's got the sweetest smile, the hottest damn curves and behind it all . . . a haunted look. I can't take my damn eyes off her. My powerful body and coarse attitude make her nervous-and as she tries to start a new life away from her abusive ex, she has her own reasons to stay away. But we can't help it. We're f*cking drawn to each other. And when she tells me how much she wants a baby . . . I make every mistake in the book. Because I want a family again. I want her. My son. And a baby. And when her past comes calling . . . I'll fight to hell and back to keep it.

Contains mature themes.
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I enjoyed this book immensely. There is some heat so be aware. Also contains mention of abuse both physical and substance and has some expected violence. There is of course a happy ending.

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Great story.

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Jake the Great

Good narration and a sweet story.

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a cute book about 2 broken people finding true love.

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It was extremely slow... it really didn't get interesting until the end.

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Good story. Narrator didn't do male voices very well.

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Monica H.

it started off so slow. It took 7 chapters to build up being redundant. Then rushed through all the dating. so that was a disappointment. Then rushed through the rescue. after 7 chapters dedicated to them ignoring each other and why. I would have like 7 chapters about them falling in love a d dating and details about all that with Tyler.

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Dana L.

Loved them

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