Heroes Road: Volume Three (3 of 3) [Dramatized Adaptation]: Heroes Road 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
10 hours 37 minutes
'How many times can Heroes cheat death?
Abandoned by her allies, the Republic of Venice holds out as the last beacon of resistance against the hobgoblin armies. Armed with new weapons the Southern Horde drives upon the floating city by land and sea. The Northern Horde drives deep into the heart of Europa and all fall before it.
The Horde is vast beyond measure. Assassin daggers lurk in every shadow. Necrotic evil seeps and infects.
For two doomed warriors standing upon the precipice of Armageddon honor is their only refuge. The love of their people and their friends their only armor. For Coel and Snorri the only path is to walk the Heroes Road.
One last time.
Performed by Bradley Foster Smith, Chris Genebach, Amanda Forstrom, Colleen Delany, Holly Adams, Carolyn Kashner, Lillian Rachel, Andrew James Spooner, Todd Scofield, Wyn Delano, Danny Gavigan, Elliot Dash, Lise Bruneau, Michael Glenn, Andy Clemence, Nanette Savard, Zeke Alton, John Kielty, Rob McFadyen, James Konicek, Jeff Allin, Troy Allan, Elias Khalil, Christopher Walker, Jeri Marshall, Terence Aselford, Ken Jackson, Ron Miles, Karen Novack, Joe Mallon, Dawn Ursula, Robb Moreira, Jenna Sharpe, Andy Brownstein, Christopher Williams, Stephanie NĂ©meth-Parker, Eric Messner, James Lewis, Nick DePinto, David Engel, Ian Russell, Yasmin Tuazon, and Kimberly Gilbert.'
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