His Exquisite Prisoner

His Exquisite Prisoner

Written by:
Isla Chiu
Narrated by:
Karie Silko
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
1 hour 10 minutes
He's my beautiful captor.

I'm his exquisite prisoner.

He's imprisoning me for my father's crimes.

But what if I end up enjoying my imprisonment?


“You are the most exquisite thing that I’ve ever seen,” Hayden says. “But you intrigued me in other ways.”

I laugh humorlessly. “Well, as long as you kidnapped me for non-shallow reasons…”

“If your father becomes distressed about your disappearance—”

“He won’t.”

Ignoring me, he finishes, “That’s just a sweet bonus.”

“God, you’re a psycho.” And to think I sort of enjoyed his company last night.

He sits on the bed, then puts me on his lap. My body burns as he pulls off the sheets and he stares at my bare body.

“Are you going to force yourself on me?” I ask. I wish I was a cool action movie heroine who could fashion a deadly weapon out of something in this room. But I’m only me, a weak, stupid girl who has no hope of fighting him off.

“I’m going to have you enjoy yourself,” he breathes into my ear.
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