History of Ethiopia: A Captivating Guide to Ethiopian History

History of Ethiopia: A Captivating Guide to Ethiopian History

Written by:
Captivating History
Narrated by:
Colin Fluxman
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Release Date
October 2022
3 hours 10 minutes
Ethiopia is an ancient and thought-provoking land. How much do you know about one of the earliest nations to accept Christianity?

Ethiopia has a long history. It boasts one of the longest-running continuous civilizations on the planet; even the origins of humanity have been traced back to Ethiopia. Ethiopian kingdoms date back to the days of the Bible, and mentions of Ethiopian monarchs can be found all throughout the historical record.

Ethiopians rubbed shoulders with Egyptians, Romans, Ottomans, Portuguese, and a whole host of other nations and empires throughout the centuries. Throughout all of these encounters, Ethiopia has strived to be strong and independent. And on all those occasions, Ethiopian determination and perhaps a little luck have made sure these aspirations were achieved.

For example, in the early 1500s, when the flames of Ethiopian civilization were nearly extinguished by the armies of a neighboring sultanate, a joint Ethiopian/Portuguese army (led by none other than Vasco da Gama’s son, Christopher da Gama) came together just in time to heroically fight off the invaders and ensure Ethiopia’s survival.

This was just one example of many in which Ethiopians faced a tremendous obstacle yet were able to overcome it right when all hope seemed lost. The story of Ethiopia is an inspiring one. And this book will take you through the astonishing history of this ancient and thought-provoking land in its entirety.

Learn more about:

- Ethiopia’s origin and the legendary Queen of Sheba
- The Aksumite Empire and the adoption of Christianity
- Ethiopia’s Solomonic line—King Solomon to Haile Selassie
- The brief intermission of the Zagwe dynasty
- Ethiopian emperors and how they ruled
- Ethiopia’s communist takeover

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