History of Politics: Biographies of Activists and Details about Revolutions

History of Politics: Biographies of Activists and Details about Revolutions

Written by:
Kelly Mass
Narrated by:
Chris Newman , Doug Greene
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
17 hours 16 minutes
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Alexander Hamilton: The American Statesman, Politician, Military Commander, and Economist



Benjamin Franklin: The Great Founding Father of the United States



Harriet Tubman: The American abolitionist and political activist



Helen Keller: Biography of the American Author, Disability Rights Advocate, and Political Activist



Joan of Arc: The Historical Heroine of France during the French Revolution



John Adams: The American Statesman, Diplomat, Writer, and Founding Father



John Muir: The Influential Naturalist Who Wrote about Yosemite National Park



Mahatma Gandhi: The Most Famous Political Activist of India



Malcolm X: The African American Muslim minister and human rights activist



Martin Luther: The Famous Theologist, Priest, and Author of the 16th century



Martin Luther King: Facts, His Speech, His Death, and His Influence on Politics



Mother Teresa: The Catholic Nun Who Cared for the Dying in Kolkata



Thomas Paine: Common Sense and the Age of Reason Explained

American Revolution: The Significant Ideological and Political Revolution



French Revolution: The Social Upheaval in 1787 and the Consequences Thereof



Industrial Revolution: Facts, Inventions, Impact, and Timeline Explained



Mexican Revolution: The Armed Struggles and Conflicts of the Early 1900s



Russian Revolution: The End of the Monarchy the Bolshevik Establishment of the Soviet Union
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