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Horror at Sea: 15 Nautical Nightmares

Horror at Sea: 15 Nautical Nightmares

Narrated by:
Ian Gordon
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
8 hours 56 minutes
HorrorBabble's complete 'Horror at Sea' collection. 15 nautical nightmares: from the discovery and subsequent investigation of a mysterious vessel in The Derelict; to the terrifying ordeal of a lighthouse keeper stationed at the remote, Three Skeleton Key.

'There’ll be restless nights for thee, upon these seven seas…'


The Derelict by W. H. Hodgson (Red Magazine, Dec 1912)

The Ocean Ogre by D. Carroll (Weird Tales, July 1937) -- A stranded ship.

Ghouls of the Sea by J. B. S. Fullilove (WT, March 1934) -- Death aboard the 'Kay Marie'.

The Voice in the Night by W. H. Hodgson (Blue Book Magazine, Nov 1907) -- A schooner, approached in the night.

The Black, Dead Thing by F. B. Long (WT, Oct 1933) -- A dreadful thing came aboard the ship.

The Temple by H. P. Lovecraft (WT, Sep 1925) -- A submarine on a strange descent.

The Lure of Atlantis by J. M. Nichols, Jr. (WT, April 1925) -- An expedition into a lost city.

The Uncharted Isle by C. A. Smith (WT, Nov 1930) -- A sailor lost at sea.

The Night Ocean by H. P. Lovecraft (Californian, Winter 1936) -- An artist, unsettled by the ocean.

Fire in the Galley Stove by W. Outerson (Atlantic, May 1937) -- An attack on the 'Unicorn'.

The Black Kiss by R. Bloch (WT, June 1937) -- The thing that swam in black waters.

Lost by A. M. Schnirring (WT, July 1943) -- A tale of the marshes.

The Thing in the Weeds by W. H. Hodgson (Story-teller, Jan 1913) -- A Sargasso Sea story.

The Brain-Eaters by F. B. Long (WT, June 1932) -- A horror from four-dimensional space.

Three Skeleton Key by G. G. Toudouze (Esquire, Jan 1937)
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