How To Draw Shojo Manga: Your Step By Step Guide To Drawing Shojo Manga VOLUME 1

How To Draw Shojo Manga: Your Step By Step Guide To Drawing Shojo Manga VOLUME 1

Written by:
Christy Peraja , Howexpert
Narrated by:
Grace Sin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2017
1 hour 25 minutes
How to Draw Shojo Manga (Volume 1) by Christy Peraja is a step-by-step practical drawing course that will guide you in learning how to draw girl manga characters in a quick and easy way.

This book has detailed step-by-step guidelines in drawing girl manga characters and a many helpful tips and tutorials.

Become a better manga artist by getting this easy step-by-step tutorial and check out different shojo manga characters to help you create your own.

- Improve your drawing skills by focusing on one of the most acclaimed manga genre.

- Inspire your friends with your new drawing skills about shojo manga.

- You will learn how to draw the famous shojo heroine and hero characters.

- Learn how to draw shojo manga clothing.

- Learn how to draw shojo manga accessories.

- Find out different hairstyles and hair colors according to its symbolisms.

- Make your own shojo manga romantic scenes.

- Relieve yourself from the stress that you have had for the day.

- Be proud of yourself about how great your skills have improved in drawing.

- You don’t need expensive and complicated trainings to learn how to draw female manga characters.

Each topic includes beautiful illustrations that are easy for you to re-draw while you are studying drawing. Every guideline, tip, technique, and recommendation we’ve included were well-thought and practiced for you to understand it easily. If you want to learn the quick and easy way to draw shojo characters, How to Draw Shojo Manga (Volume 1) guide is the best for you. Try it!

About The Expert

Christy Peraja spent four years in the banking, finance, and customer service industry. This was the career that she had to pursue based on her background studies. She learned more than what she expected but always felt that it was not enough. She wanted to become an artist.

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