How To Find a Nursing Home: Your Step By Step Guide To Finding a Nursing Home

How To Find a Nursing Home: Your Step By Step Guide To Finding a Nursing Home

Narrated by:
Evie Irwin
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Release Date
December 2017
1 hour 4 minutes
If you want to learn how to find the right nursing home for your loved one, then get 'How To Find a Nursing Home' written by someone with real life experience in this topic.

How to Find a Nursing Home is a ‘must read’ for anyone, who is facing the issue of placing a loved one in a nursing home. In this practical guide, an elder law attorney gives you step by step information about how to make the best decisions for your loved one. This guide includes:

- an informative overview which explains how individuals, professional caregivers, and geriatric care managers, will benefit from this guide.

- An explanation of why it is important to conduct your research and have a plan before your loved one needs care.

- a Nursing Home Worksheet which helps you answer the important medical and financial questions about your loved one before you begin researching for your loved one; which will help you to save time and narrow down the available options.

- an in depth discussion about finances and how to gauge how long your loved ones’ assets will last.

- insightful information about how to choose a nursing home based upon location, cleanliness, state rating, activities, meals, in-facility doctor access, staff to patient ratio and, costs.

- specific sources and resources for researching, rating, and comparing nursing home facilities, based upon the types of care your loved one needs.

- a step by step process for conducting a site visit of the nursing home facilities you are considering.

- information about the types of legal documents your loved one should consider, and discuss with an elder law attorney, before becoming a nursing home resident.

- a straightforward discussion about your rights as a loved one, and how to avoid being personally responsible for your loved ones nursing home bills.

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