I Don't Need Therapy: and other lies I've told myself

Written by:
Toni Lodge
Narrated by:
Toni Lodge

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
5 hours 34 minutes
A hilarious memoir of home truths and whatever the opposite of 'that girl energy' is, from one half of the hit podcast Toni & Ryan.

Like most of us, Toni Lodge tells little white lies all the time. Whether it's 'I'm five minutes away' or 'It must have gone to my spam folder', most of these innocent fibs are harmless. But what if you realised that you weren't just lying about the little things, but the big 'life' stuff too?
When Toni sat down to write this memoir, she realised that the lies she was telling herself were hiding some pretty important home truths—about her work, her identity and her mental health. In her dogged pursuit of these truths, she brazenly explores everything from gastro, fame and Twilight to funerals, the Dalai Lama and Brazilian waxes.
In this hilarious warm hug of a book, Toni exposes the lies she has told herself about who she is and what she is capable of, inviting us on a riotous romp that will make you laugh, cringe, cry and utterly rethink the truth behind the stories we tell ourselves.
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Fantastic, loved it. It usually takes me a year to read a book, but this one was finished within the 4 day Easter long weekend, I just couldnt put it down. great Poo stories haha

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I love listening to the Toni & Ryan Podcast so of course I had to get the book! She is excellent to listen to ( plus I love an Aussie Accent) we don't really know what people are going through when anything happens in their lives. she did a great job telling us her story and how she continues to have such hope and love and an overall great attitude toward things; but she also remnid us it is okay to be in a bad spot, an era of life, etc. great read and listen

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