Ice Queen: A Chilling Scandinavian Crime Thriller: DI Jamie Johansson Book 6

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
10 hours 43 minutes
Keep her happy, or heads will roll …

DI Jamie Johansson is trying to find normality in Kurrajakk when she gets the chance to sit in on the Interpol interview linked to her last case.

A pattern of mutilation and beheading on the Finnish border has Jamie's full attention, but Interpol seem more interested in the Russian connection. Begrudgingly, they let her follow up, and as usual, Jamie's nose for trouble doesn't steer her wrong.

The lake-side town of Leppasalmi is bathed in darkness for three months a year, and as Jamie and Thorsen arrive, the sun begins to set for the polar night. The local polis superintendent is working to keep her people safe from an ever-present threat and knows the long night always spells trouble. Wary of strangers and afraid to step foot outside, the entire town hunkers down for dusk. The denizens have accepted the abductions and killings as a part of life, but Jamie and Thorsen refuse to kneel.

The Ice Queen's word may be law, but Jamie has never been good at taking orders …
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