Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Narrated by:
Walter Dixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2017
3 hours 15 minutes
According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai-a reason for living. And according to the residents of the Japanese village with the world's longest-living people, finding it is the key to a happier and longer life. Having a strong sense of ikigai-the place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect-means that each day is infused with meaning. It's the reason we get up in the morning. It's also the reason many Japanese never really retire (in fact there's no word in Japanese that means retire in the sense it does in English): They remain active and work at what they enjoy, because they've found a real purpose in life-the happiness of always being busy.

In researching this book, the authors interviewed the residents of the Japanese village with the highest percentage of 100-year-olds-one of the world's Blue Zones. Ikigai reveals the secrets to their longevity and happiness: how they eat, how they move, how they work, how they foster collaboration and community, and-their best-kept secret-how they find the ikigai that brings satisfaction to their lives. And it provides practical tools to help you discover your own ikigai. Because who doesn't want to find happiness in every day?
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Kurt S

Very please with this book. IKIGAI “E-Key-Guy was easy to understand and follow. The narrator was perfect.

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Karyn H.

Fantastic book, and LOVED the narrator , Walter Dixon! Great, calm, and enjoyable and pleasant to listen to. Highly recommend this book! 10 stars!

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Deborah B.

Well written, simple and straight forward with real life examples. Take your ideas and apply them in your life. It is a very motivational book, not necessarily to live longer but to improve your mind and wellbeing. The narrator is extremely pleasant and easy to listen to. Enjoy!

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Ari E.

Loved the narrator, easy to listen to. The book holds interesting concepts

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Regine L.

Wonderful lessons shared. Highly recommendable.

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Willie J.

Absolutely fantastic for new growth, lifestyle changes and healthy progress = Happiness by heart stays forever.

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Great content.

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Too many unprecised and wrong concepts about half of the themes (the other half I don't know enough to know if it was right or not, but since the parts I know were, I don't trust this book at all). The autor wanted to talk about too many aspects of life and didn't research enough about them to do a good job. Unfortunately if you don't know more than him, you might think he knows what he is saying.

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Prit S.

Very easy listen with a lot of great content.

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Daryl O.

Interesting description of people who live well and peacefully.

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Heidi S.

Great book. Lovely narrator. Very insightful and easy to listen too

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Daniel C.

Easy listen with some examples of how other people believe they are living long lives. As with many things regarding life, there are many theories and not many concrete answers. It’s still nice to hear what is done in other countries or communities

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The book started off good but it showed a lack of research of the author when she started talking about fad diets as some of the ways to achieve ikigai...

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Krista V.

I really enjoyed this book!

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the narrator struggled to pronounce the words correctly and often didn't. it's an ok read, but not what I was looking for.

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Anja O.

Great information on different western methods compared to Ikigai.

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Vee R.

Amazing book

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