In a Glass Darkly

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
12 hours 16 minutes
Demons, vengeful spirits, insanity, premature burials and lesbian vampires, In a Glass Darkly contains five diabolical tales of horror and mystery that will get the heart racing. Each story, including the famous 'Green Tea' and 'Carmilla', is presented as a case from the posthumous papers of Dr Martin Hesselius, a metaphysical physician who has no doubt as to the existence of supernatural phenomena - unlike our anxious protagonists... These traditional, yet unfamiliar tales were revered upon release, with Bram Stoker writing his own vampire story some twenty years later, and Henry James once suggesting that this is 'the ideal reading... for the hours after midnight'.
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Zoe L.

Some parts were mildly thrilling... but all in all the stories progress too slowly. I often found that I couldn’t pay attention long enough to understand what was going on, which is rare- I love audiobooks and I am very patient. I want to love every book I listen to, so if this one was too slow for me, it will be too slow for you. Also, the pay off for suffering through the tiresome stories isn’t worth it.

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