Indecent Series: The Complete Collection

Indecent Series: The Complete Collection

Written by:
Erika Wilde
Narrated by:
Lia Langola
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
18 hours 36 minutes
The Indecent Series complete collection includes all three books in the series:


It wasn’t every day that I was shot at by a sniper. But this was now my life, being hunted by someone my (dead) ex-fiancé had crossed. They thought I had something he’d taken, and they weren’t going to stop until they had what they wanted.

I went to the best security company around, but what I ended up with was a bodyguard who was as hot and tempting as he was grumpy and annoyingly bossy. Vaughn reluctantly took me on as a client, despite my inability to pay, and put me in his own personal safehouse with a set of rules to follow.

But a few of those rules? Yeah, I broke them just because I knew it would provoke him. What I didn’t anticipate was the kind of punishment he decided to dole out . . . and it wasn’t long before we went from enemies, to lovers, and an indecent proposal was struck between us.


Bryce Rivers is gorgeous, arrogant, and nothing like I anticipated. That’s okay, because I’m not going to be what he expected, either. Seducing him should have been a piece of cake, until I discover he’s hiding a few indecent secrets of his own.


Being a female modern day Robin Hood came with risks—like being caught. Seth Maxwell was too smart for his own good . . . and I was now in the position where I had to make a deal with the devil himself. Get turned over to the authorities, or agree to be this man’s plaything for two weeks.

It was an indecent invitation, but one I couldn’t resist . . .
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