The Inside Dark

Written by:
James Hankins
Narrated by:
Bon Shaw

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2017
9 hours 16 minutes
Five days ago, aspiring crime novelist Jason Swike awoke chained to the wall of a run-down horse stable, convinced he would soon die at the hands of Crackerjack, the infamous serial killer who had terrorized the residents of Massachusetts for the past year—capturing and tormenting men, painting whimsical designs on their faces before shattering their bones and ending their lives. Just when death seems inevitable, Jason, with the help of another captive, manages to kill the madman and escape.

Hailed as a hero, Jason reaps the benefits of his newfound fame: a book deal, a possible reconciliation with his estranged wife, and reward money he can use to pay for his son’s costly medical treatments. But he soon realizes the nightmare that began in the deserted stable is far from over, as he is drawn into a twisted game where the darkest terror may not be the psychopath manipulating his every move, but what Jason may have to do to survive…
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Excellent storyline with a very creative beginning. Love this book from one end to the other and I fully recommend it.

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Great storytelling, thrilling

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Maree G.

Unique storyline. Kept me interested. It was all about death and killing, which I found a bit morbid. Great narration.

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