Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Missions with America's Elite Warriors

Written by:
Don Mann
Narrated by:
Peter Ganim

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2011
8 hours 43 minutes
The Inside Story of America's Ultimate Warriors

When Osama bin Laden was assassinated, the entire world was fascinated by the men who had completed the seemingly impossible mission that had dogged the U.S. government for over a decade. SEAL Team 6 became synonymous with heroism, duty, and justice. Only a handful of the elite men who make up the SEALs, the US Navy's best and bravest, survive the legendary and grueling selection process that leads to becoming a member of Team 6, a group so classified it technically does not even exist. There are no better warriors on Earth.

Don Mann knows what it takes to be a brother in this ultra-selective fraternity. As a member of Seal Team Six for over eight years and a SEAL for over seventeen years, he worked in countless covert operations, operating from land, sea, and air, and facing shootings, decapitations, and stabbings. He was captured by the enemy and lived to tell the tale, and he participated in highly classified missions all over the globe, including Somalia, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. As a coordinator for several civilian SEAL training programs, and as a former Training Officer of SEAL Team Six, he was directly responsible for shaping the bodies and minds of SEALs who carried out the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

But to become a SEAL, Mann had to overcome his own troubled childhood and push his body to its breaking point -- and beyond. Inside Seal Team 6 is a high octane narrative of physical and mental toughness, giving unprecedented insight to the inner workings of the training and secret missions of the world's most respected and feared combat unit.
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Wesley M

Mr. Mann has a great story to tell. The redaction of the book did not exist in the book version. It was annoying. Good book with a little fluff.

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Gabriella N.

Redaction bell is obnoxious. Maybe they could pick a different tone or just silence.

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adam hulslander

The book was OK but not really about SEAL team 6. it was more about Don Mann and his narcissistic take on his life. Again not too bad of a book but not much in site into how ST6 trains or any operations.

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