Intermediate Italian

Written by:
Centre Of Excellence
Narrated by:
Andrea Locorotondo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
6 hours 10 minutes
Designed for those who understand the basics of Italian and its main grammar rules, this audiobook is your next step to enhance and improve your knowledge of Italian – raising you to an intermediate level and preparing you to move onto an advanced level, should you wish to.

You’ll advance your understanding of the syntactic and grammatical rules of the Italian language, so that you may use them to express yourself more accurately, understand more complex concepts, and improve your comprehension and communication skills.

Both enjoyable and practical, the audiobook uses thematic topics and references everyday situations to help facilitate comprehension of vocabulary and grammar structures.

You’ll deepen your Italian grammar use through the study and incorporation of additional moods and tenses. Moreover, you’ll expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills, learn how to make phone calls and write text messages. Last, but not least, you’ll practice having conversations, learn how to express doubts, hypotheses and opinions, and also how to politely express disapproval.

By studying this audiobook, you will:

Develop an intermediate level of Italian language proficiency

Advance your understanding of syntactic and grammatical rules

Improve your comprehension and communication skills

Learn more about moods and tenses

Be more able to express yourself and hold deeper conversations
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