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The Intern

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
9 hours 51 minutes
In the legal world, everyone knows my last name. So when Declan Shaw—the hottest, most ruthless, and sought-after litigator in the state—comes in to mentor my class’s mock trial, I decide not to reveal that piece of personal information. I want a one-on-one with him like I’m any other law student, especially when we go out to celebrate after class. But the one-on-one ends with us in the alley behind the bar. With us stripping off our clothes. With me screaming his name. It’s desperate-to-have-you, no-holds-barred, downright filthy sex. And then, he ghosts me, like a complete alphahole. But a few weeks later, when I walk into The Dalton Group—my family’s law firm—where I’m starting my internship, my new boss is waiting for me. And it's the man I despise—the man I can still taste in my fantasies—Declan Shaw.
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Isha Coleman

Double trouble with a capital "T." The Intern is a tempting hunk of trouble that is not afraid to break the rules. Hannah and Declan turn a spicy situation into an irresistible romance. From spicy to sweet, you can't help but feel the burn.

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Victoria B.

The Intern by Marni Mann is hot and sexy AF. It’s an age-gap, alphahole, forced proximity, lawyer romance with a lot of angst and snarky and steamy banter. Declan is a demanding, sexy workaholic and a committed bachelor. But, when he meets Hannah Dalton, she has him questioning his playboy ways. I initially had a hard time liking Declan. He came across as cruel more than anything, but as Hannah chipped away at his icy exterior, I began to see there was more and couldn’t help but like him. This was the first time I’ve heard Lee Samuels narrate, and he did a great job delivering Declan’s bossy and put-off demeanor and also Declan’s softer side once Hannah broke through. Likewise, Savannah Peachwood is fantastic and did an excellent job bringing life to Hannah.

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Kay Ramjohn

Enemies to lovers and office romance are two of my favorite tropes, and this author gave us quite a story with The Intern as she also included age-gap and forbidden romance tropes into the novel. Hannah and Declan had an undeniable connection, and they had me fully engaged in their story, which gave us sizzling hott steamy scenes, witty banter, intense chemistry, and wonderful family dynamics. This was a fantastic addition to this series, which I loved, and I would highly recommend it. I listened to the audiobook version of this novel, which was narrated by Lee Samuels and Savannah Peachwood. They both did a fantastic job with the characters, and their voices complimented each other perfectly. They were perfectly cast for the role, and it was a pleasure listening to them narrate this novel. 

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Ashley A.

Declan and Hannah had instance attraction. Declan struggles with his feelings towards Hannah throughout the book. Hannah has the patience of a saint to put up with his bear attitude! She’s strong and can dish it right back. When she shows up to be an intern at her cousins law firm she had no idea Declan just started there as well. I listened to the audio and Lee Samuels and Savannah Peachwood did an amazing.

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Chelsea P.

This book is HOTTTTT. I really enjoyed the audio on this one. Not the best narrators but not the worst either. Easy to listen to, even when the narrators are doing both the male and female parts. The book itself is well written. The plot interesting. Sometimes in contemporary romance, once you've read one particular type- it feels like you have read them all. That applies in this case to a point, but I was still captivated and attached to the characters. I needed to know what was going to happen next. First we have Hannah Dalton. Her family owns a law firm and she is in law school. During one of her classes, she meets Declan - a famous attorney in their city. We also learn later that Declan is close friends with Hannah's family at their law firm - and the firm has been trying to hire Declan for some time. Hannah does not disclose her last name during their meeting and they end up having sex in the back alley behind the bar. They end up getting separated that night and it ends up as a one night stand situation. (but still the best sex either of them has ever had) Fast forward to when Hannah shows up to her families firm for her first day of interning. She is paired up with DECLAN! She pretends she doesn't remember the night of mind blowing sex. The book progresses with very hot, intense encounters. I enjoyed this so much - I have to backtrack and read the other books in the series.

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Next Book Review Blog

Mari Mann is generally a full-stop don’t talk to me kind of author. Mann gets 5-stars pretty much every time I listen or read her. The Intern missed the mark for me. I’ll be real, there were times I almost stopped and gave up on the story. I’m not even sure where she lost me to be honest. It just lacked her normal compulsive feel. I’m all about the sexy times in a story, so don’t get me wrong. I just need more than just sexy times. I felt like The Intern leaned heavily into the sex and lacked a deep storyline. Which is what I’ve come to expect from Mann. So, I’m just as shocked as everyone else that didn’t love this. I also love me an alpha male, a strong male lead. However, I dislike mean men. Declan Shaw is mean. He is cruel. I don’t like that. I don’t like when a man demeans a woman. I like my women as strong as the men. Hannah was not. That girl was a rug because she was walked all over. The best parts of this story were the sexy times. I’ll admit that these two were incredibly hot together. They couldn’t be around each other without tearing their clothes off. Then you have two great narrators. Savannah Peachwood and Lee Samuels were fantastic. I could seriously envision Samuels as Declan. He’s got this perfect growly voice that I envisioned from Declan. Then you have Peachwood, who is a fabulous soft and lovely next to his growl. I just wish the story had more substance.

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Lisa S.

I had a mixed reaction to this audiobook. It was very sexy/steamy. I liked the female lead and the secondary characters, but I had a bit of a hard time with the “alpha-hole.” I have read a lot of books whee the hero of the story has a lot of objectifying thoughts in his head, and I wonder - do men really think this way, or do women just think they do? I raised two boys and I would be horrified to learn that they had such an attitude toward women. It isn’t ok to harm a woman’s reputation in a professional environment just because someone is fighting an attraction. Lots of authors write male POV this way, and it always leaves me feeling a little cringy, but the characters always redeem themselves in the long run. For some reason, Declan seemed a bit worse, and I think it was because of the professional piece. The male narrator was a good fit for Declan’s character and the female narrator a good choice as well. This book is more about sex than relationship, though one does develop and Declan is also redeemed in the end. (I don’t really see that as a spoiler since romance novels have happy endings!) Some parts of Declan and Hannah’s story are really sweet and Hannah wasn’t perfect either. Declan’s internal struggle with a lie she told is what redeems him most for me, but he also deserved to sweat given his unjustified treatment of Hannah in the first half of the book. There was a lesson there as well as some karma for Declan. So overall, this wasn’t my favorite book, but still a decent one if you are into a$$hole heroes and super erotic stories. I am voluntarily submitting this review after listening to an advanced complementary copy of this audiobook.

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Kristin Lira

Book #4 in The Dalton Family was an enjoyable read. Hannah and Declan have intense chemistry from the very beginning. I wanted to strangle Declan at times with his hot and cold attitude toward Hannah, but I’m glad they were able to work through their issues. Plenty of drama, sexual tension and steam. Loved seeing the other Dalton family again! Savannah Peachwood and Lee Samuels did a good job bringing Hannah and Declan to life.

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Dana M.

Words can’t express how much I loved this audiobook. Marni Mann always gives us a great storyline with interesting, fun, and relatable characters. I especially love how she writes this series with dual POV’s. It allows the reader to be even more invested in the story and MC’s. But this [audio]book – This was the spiciest of all the stories in this series, in my opinion. I’m surprised my earbuds didn’t catch on fire. It was tantalizing and scandalous. The chemistry between Declan and Hannah was sizzling. The smeggsy scenes were explosively hot! Hannah is such a delightful character. But even more than that, she’s strong, smart, and gives Declan a run for his money. I loved her in the last story and how wonderful she was with Everly. This story showed me such much more about Hannah than I ever expected. She seemed like such a sweet and innocent young woman in The Single Dad. She definitely surprised me (and Declan) with her strength and seductiveness. Declan is the epitome of a scorching hot alpha man. He’s successful, confident, commanding, and dangerously delicious. A true alphahole with a hidden sweet side, and a not so hidden naughty side. I loved every single thing about this epic story. "His gaze wasn't a normal stare. It was power. Pleasure." Savannah Peachwood and Lee Samuels are a dream team. They were perfectly cast for their roles. Their timing, pitch, pace, and tones were exemplary. These two narrators are flawless in everything they do. Their characterizations were spot on. They made the smeggsy in the story even more intense. I love the way Lee portrayed Declan. He’s an intense character and Lee embodied him flawlessly. Savannah really embodied Hannah and made her shine. They both brought this story to life. I highly recommend the audiobook version of The Intern. “I wanted Hannah Dalton to be mine. The fact that she wasn’t just made me angry.” Thank you to Valentine PR and NetGalley for gifting me this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. 5 Passionate Stars! NOLA504Nerds blog

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Rebecca B.

The Intern has become my favorite in The Dalton Family series, and I think that's largely due to Declan. I love a redeemable grump, so Declan was bound to win me over completely. There were a few times when I wanted to shake the daylights out of him, but that was to be expected. The angst is pretty low, and while it's easy enough to see coming once things progress, it's not from the direction I would've thought at the beginning. This series has been great for getting away from the everyday and living vicariously through the characters. Savannah Peachwood and Lee Samuels give voice to the characters, and they do a superb job of keeping the many characters unique while giving us all that makes up Declan and Hannah. The Daltons are an engaging group, and the more I get to know them, the more I like them. I think Hannah may very well be the toughest of the bunch, but she's got a terrific group to take it after. So, if you're looking to get lost in some steamy fun and low angst romance, The Intern is recommended.

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Tori W.

This is my first audio with Lee as a narrator. I loved it. The story itself was great. Hannah and Declan have an instant attraction and before you know it, they act on it. He did however have his jerk moments but then again he was cocky and successful and didn’t hide that fact.

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Katslovesbooks L.

Omg!!! This audiobook was EVERYTHING!!! Marni Mann knows how to deliver a steamy, age-gap, scorching hot office romance that I couldn't put down once I started reading. I devoured this book in one sitting!! The narrators did a fantastic job portraying the mail characters and bringing all the spice what were Hannah and Declan. Hannah and Declan's story starts with an unexpected but hot encounter that ended too suddenly. So when they come face to face under working circumstances where Hanna is Declan's new intern in her family's company things become very interesting. She is there to learn from the best litigator and her cousins match her with Declan, who is the smartest and hottest alpha hole there is. I loved Hannah. She is smart, kind and works hard for what she wants without abusing her family's last name. She is determine to became the best lawyer she can be and regardless of all of Declan's outrageous demands she tries to always look for the positives in every situation. Declan knows there is something special about Hannah that makes him loose control and this makes him angry. So he starts pushing Hannah away but the more he pushes her the more he wants her and when he can't fight it no more, he acts and goes for what he wants. Declan and Hannah were perfect for each other in every single page.

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Cierra H.

4.25 Stars! Having listened to other audiobooks in this series, i couldn't wait to experience this story again in this new way! I've been wanting to dive into this audio ever since it was announced. I started listening and got right back into The Dalton Family world! I really enjoyed this listen oh so very much! Having listened to both Savannah Peachwood and Lee Samuels before i was so happy when i found out they were narrating The Intern! Both Savannah and Lee pulled me right back into this story with their narration! From the hate and heat to all the feels in between, Savannah and Lee captured all of Hannah and Declan's so wonderfully! Once again, Hannah and Declan's journey hooked me! Declan and Hannah are brought into each other's lives when Declan sees over the mock trial Hannah is in. The flames that ignite between them can't be ignored, but little did they know they'd be reunited at The Dalton Group law firm. Can Hannah and Declan handle working together and not give into what's between them? This might be the toughest case yet. The chemistry between Hannah and Declan was all kinds of heat filled goodness! I love it when characters can get under each other's skin and go head to head like Hannah and Declan did. I really liked getting to see how they'd tackle working together, the hate, the undeniable attraction, and everything in between. Once again, these two had me feeling every bit of their journey with them! It's always so awesome being back in The Dalton Family world and getting to reunite with these characters! With The Intern, Ms.Mann has created an addictive story with heat and feels that you won't want to turn away from! From the story to the narration, this was such a great listen for me! I can't wait for book five, The Bachelor!

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4 ⭐️ 3.5

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Nola Brenda

Marni, This book!!! It’s everything and more, and the audio book, Holy Moly!!! I could not pass by on listening to this on audio! It was so good! Declan and Hannah’s story is like constant fireworks exploding in my brain. I might dare to say that this book is the best book of the series, and I LOVED them all! Declan is a broody, cocky, dominating, demanding, raw, sexy, alpha lawyer who always gets what he wants. When it comes to the job he’s the best litigator there is. He met his match, when he crossed paths with Hannah Dalton, a law student. She’s smart, sexy, strong, independent, and knows what she wants and goes after it. She will not stop at anything. So what happens when their worlds collide? Cue the spice, the steam, the sassy and sexy banter. Hannah isn’t scared of Declan, she can handle him, challenge him, and she keeps him in check and on his toes. The instant chemistry, push- pull these two had! Wowzers. Oh, the conference room scene.

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