Jack & Millie: Series 2: The BBC Radio 4 Comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
1 hour 51 minutes
'Jack & Millie' is the brainchild of Jeremy Front who, with his sister Rebecca Front had been improvising these two characters for years - and now they've been brought to life in a new show...

The second series of this new comedy show is written by Jeremy Front (writer of the Charles Paris mysteries for Radio 4) and stars Jeremy Front and Rebecca Front as Jack & Millie Lemman - an older couple who are fully engaged with contemporary life whilst being at war with the absurdities of the modern world...

The show also features Millie's frenemy Shirley - played by Tracy-Ann Oberman, Jack's all-too-easygoing friend Harry (Nigel Lindsay), their high-pressure son Melvin (Harry Peacock) and their high-maintenance (and Catholic) (and French) daughter-in-law Delphine (Jenny Bede - most recently heard in Tom Neenan's 'The Hauntening' and an episode of 'John Finnemore's Double Acts' alongside Mathew Baynton).

In the first episode, Jack & Millie are back and ready to deal with Harry's bongos, Delphine's chicken, Shirley's bombshell and a cleaner with flashbacks, while in episode 2, Jack meets an unwanted old friend, Melvin gets hot under the collar, Delphine makes a French joke and Shirley and Millie get an unexpected buzz...

In episode 3, Jack & Millie's TV binge comes to an abrupt end when they have to face a mindfulness pillow, a Tudor sallet and some hot yoga and in episode 4, Millie feels like a natural woman while Jack feels like a man grappling with a keyboard, a saucepan and some shonky decking...

The show comes from Pozzitive, proud producers of Cabin Pressure, Thanks A Lot, Milton Jones!, Agendum, Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation, The Brig Society, The Castle, Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive, Shush! & Kevin Eldon Will See You Now...
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