The John Stone Action Pack: Books 7-9: Military Action Thriller Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
19 hours 43 minutes
The thrilling conclusion!

This collection bundles the final three books of the action-packed John Stone adventure. Includes the following:

Black and White: With the help of retired detective Scott Maverick, John Stone is on the trail of the assassins that almost killed a friend. But they soon find themselves pulled away from the mission, when a group of rogue mercenaries shake things up and get onto the radar of the Hard Core.

With innocent lives on the line, John and the Hard Core must navigate murky waters, and remind themselves that the world isn't as simple as black and white.

New World Order: With John's life in danger, the Hard Core must once again come together to risk their lives and freedom to help. But what they uncover is an insidious plot casting its shadow over the world's nations.

The Alpha and the Omega: The Omega Protocol is active. Rebecca Flair is missing. The authorities are on the hunt for John Stone and all of his associates, the Hard Core.

When a sudden string of assassinations throws a wrench into the works, John and the others must now throw caution to the wind and bring down the Order once and for all.
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