Joyce Grenfell Remembered: The Pursuit of Joy: A BBC Collection with material performed by Maureen Lipman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
7 hours 41 minutes
Joyce Grenfell in her own words and through the eyes of Maureen Lipman

Joyce Grenfell was one of the last century’s greatest entertainers, renowned worldwide for her monologues, songs, and comic writing. Her career spanned over 30 years, ranging from wartime tours to solo stage shows, films such as the St Trinian’s series, appearances on BBC TV and numerous radio broadcasts. Contained here are five sparkling productions of her work, performed by acting legend Maureen Lipman – who is celebrated for portraying Joyce in the 1991 TV film Re-Joyce – alongside a delightful reading by Joyce Grenfell herself of her autobiography.

Hats Off – Before she became a star, Joyce Grenfell was a poet, and she continued to write verse all her life. Hats Off features over 40 of her witty, perceptive poems, read by Maureen Lipman and with an introduction by Grenfell’s close friend and biographer Janie Hampton.

Choice Grenfell – In this poignantly funny retrospective, Maureen Lipman perfectly recreates the much-loved material of the late, great comedian. Featuring monologues, sketches, songs and letters, it showcases Joyce Grenfell at her finest and funniest.

Dear Joyce…. Dear Ginnie – Joyce Grenfell and fellow poet Virginia Graham were best friends for 62 years, and wrote to each other frequently. Maureen Lipman and Janie Hampton read a selection of their affectionate correspondence from 1929 to 1979, providing fascinating insight into both their lives.

Two Light Up the Third – A fictionalised dramatisation of how one of the inaugural programmes to be broadcast by the Third Programme, How to Listen, made it onto the airwaves, written by Russell Davies and starring Maureen Lipman as Joyce Grenfell. This is accompanied by the fascinating original airing of How to Listen with Joyce Grenfell and Stephen Potter.

Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure – Telling her life story with verve and brio, Joyce Grenfell recounts the highs and lows of her varied career, sketching wonderful comic descriptions of the many people she encountered along the way. Her glamorous, madcap American mother, her aunt Nancy Astor and her beloved husband Reggie are just some of the larger-than-life characters that people this captivating reading.

Cast and Credits
Hats Off
Written by Joyce Grenfell
Read by Maureen Lipman
Introduced by Janie Hampton

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 3-10 Jun 2001

Choice Grenfell
Written by Joyce Grenfell
Performed by Maureen Lipman
Music by Denis King, Maureen Lipman, Richard Addinsell, Joyce Grenfell and Virginia Graham
Pianist: Denis King
Directed by Alan Strachan
Produced by Jonathan James-Moore

First broadcast BBC Radio 3, 2-6 Mar 1998

Dear Joyce… Dear Ginnie
Read by Maureen Lipman and Janie Hampton
Produced by Jonathan James-Moore

First broadcast BBC Radio 3, 20-24 Dec 1999

Two Light Up the Third
written by Russell Davies
Starring Maureen Lipman as Joyce Grenfell

First broadcast BBC Radio 3, 29 Sep 1996

How to Listen
Starring Joyce Grenfell and Stephen Potter, featuring members of the ‘How’ Repertory Company

First broadcast BBC Radio Third Programme, 29 Sep 1946

Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure
Written and read by Joyce Grenfell
Abridged by Janet Quigley
Produced by Pat McLoughlin

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 12 Apr-3 May 1977

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