Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
6 hours 9 minutes

I'm no club princess. I'm a cut-rate Cinderella. Jude is the crown prince of the Lords of Carnage MC. He's handsome, cocky, untouchable. The entire time I've known him, I've had to pretend he means nothing to me. When in fact, he's always been everything. But when my world collapses and I'm running for my life I have no one else to turn to but the Lords of Carnage. I don't know what I'll do if they don't help me.

When those ice-blue eyes bore into mine for the first time in two years I know I'm a goner. Jude has always seen right through me. And now, he's about to find out all my secrets. When I'm laid bare to him, will the cocky prince see my biggest secret of all . . . That I'd do anything to be his?


Lila Dunn is a spitfire in combat boots. She needs no one. She's as independent as they come. But one day she shows up at the clubhouse. Battered and broken. She's in danger. And only the club can help her.

When she told us what she'd done, we swore to protect her. Now I'm falling for her. She's gonna be mine. I just have to keep her alive. Nobody messes with Lila. And nobody comes for the Lords. Because the Lords protect their own. Whatever the cost.

Contains mature themes.
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