The Julius House

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2009
6 hours 30 minutes
This fourth best-selling tale starring Aurora 'Roe' Teagarden finds the amateur sleuth newly married to slick businessman Martin Bartell. The couple settles into a new house, but soon Roe-suspicious about her husband and their home-begins an investigation that turns up unsavory secrets.
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Jane Abbott

This answered a lot of questions.

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Love the author. Super like this series. The narrator is really good. Speaks very clearly, I have no problem listen while doing something else.

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Louise McCartney

A quick read, enjoyable enough but not as gripping as the other 3. Great narration

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Carôle C.

A Cold Case that was impossible to solve. Were the family abducted or were they murdered? Either way, where are they? It makes sense that Roe will try to find out - it’s a real life case that her former murder group used to pour over! She’s unemployed now and has time on her hands... Meanwhile, her perfect boyfriend is now her perfect husband, but this is when the cracks begin to show. We learn more about Martin, but we’re left wanting to know more... the plot thickens.

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