Kalangadog Junction: A BBC Radio 4 Comedy Drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
2 hours 58 minutes
Hilarious comedy about a 1950s couple from Manchester trying to make it Down Under

Dr Thomas Barrett and his wife Jane have a perfectly nice existence in 1950s Manchester, but dreams of a new life won’t let them rest. Leaving the security of their home and successful doctor’s practice, they set out for adventure, heading to Kalangadog Junction, a small Australian town of population fifty-nine that is so remote it’s not even on the map…
Setting up Down Under isn’t quite as simple as the duo thought it would be. A hilarious cast of colourful characters make for some interesting new neighbours, including Gaelene, an Olympic wannabe with dreams of a gold medal. When Thomas’s new practice doesn’t take off, he tries to drum up business by judging the local beautiful baby competition, but can he do it without causing offence? Whatever they try, things don’t quite go to plan, especially with the unexpected arrival of the mother-in-law and an ex-fiancé. Will the happy couple be able to keep their marriage on track when their shared dream isn’t turning out quite how they thought it would?
There’s a twist in this comedic tale of adventure, marriage and kangaroos that will have you crying ‘Crikey!’ louder than discovering a dingo playing the didgeridoo.

From the mind of prize-winning writer Moya O’Shea, Caroline Quentin leads the cast in this fantastic comedy drama. Rising to fame with appearances in Men Behaving Badly and Jonathan Creek, Caroline Quentin is a regular star of TV, film and radio. Kalangadog Junction also features the voices of John Duttine, Niall Ashdown, Toby Longworth, Brian Bowles, Joanna Monro, Julie Gibbs and the wonderful June Whitfield.
Cast and credits
Written by Moya O’Shea
Produced by Liz Anstee
Jane - Caroline Quentin
Thomas - John Duttine
Jimmy - Niall Ashdown
Pete - Toby Longworth
Len - Brian Bowles
Madge - Joanna Monro
Milly - Julie Gibbs
Phoebe - June Whitfield
Gaelene - Moya O'Shea
First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 27 Feb-2 Apr 1996
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