Karen Kingsbury Children's Collection

Written by:
Karen Kingsbury
Narrated by:
Kate Russell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
0 hours 13 minutes
This Karen Kingsbury audiobook collection includes two favorite titles for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: 

Always Daddy’s Princess 

- The timeless journey of a daughter and father is poignantly captured in the story of a girl’s growth from childhood to motherhood. Playful, emotive prose, enriched by the whisper of God’s scripture, invites girls and dads to be reminded of the blessings and the bonds between them. Throughout tea parties, soccer games, braces, and boys, a girl is her daddy’s princess every step of the way.

Whatever You Grow Up to Be

- The timeless journey of a mother and son is poignantly captured in the story of a boy’s growth from childhood to fatherhood. From birth to football games to college graduation, a mother reminds her son that life is filled with possibilities and that God has a plan for him—whatever he grows up to be!
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