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Written by:
Samuel Alexander
Narrated by:
Michael Mola
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
0 hours 45 minutes
Kevin’s life was fairly standard and hectic. The fifth out of nine children there was never a shortage of excitement in the house. But his real joy came in building things. If he could describe heaven, it would be a place with unlimited access to power tools filled with the smell of sawdust and metal. Confident in his sexuality and sometimes a bit aggressive his journey into adulthood was running as smoothly as it could. That is until highschool.

His first day of school Kevin witnesses an incident with another student. Something seems off about the altercation but no one else notices. Still, Kevin can’t get this scene nor the student out of his mind. He’s convinced he’s right regardless if no one else believes it. Then one day he gets the opportunity to test his theory and the situation he finds himself in is something that even he did not expect.

This series should be read in order due to different vantage points over the same timelines.
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