The Killer Whale Who Changed The World

The Killer Whale Who Changed The World

Written by:
Mark Leiren-Young
Narrated by:
Mark Leiren-Young
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2017
6 hours 26 minutes
The fascinating and heartbreaking account of the first publicly exhibited captive killer whale a story that forever changed the way we see orcas and sparked the movement to save them. Killer whales had always been seen as bloodthirsty sea monsters. That all changed when a young killer whale was captured off the west coast of North America and displayed to the public in 1964. Moby Doll, as the whale became known, was an instant celebrity, drawing 20,000 visitors on the one and only day he was exhibited. He died within a few months, but his famous gentleness sparked a worldwide crusade that transformed how people understood and appreciated orcas. Because of Moby Doll, we stopped fearing killers and grew to love and respect orcas.

'Outstanding and inspirational. Similar to the award-winning Blackfish, this book could be a game changer.' —Marc Bekoff, author of Rewilding Our Hearts

'A brilliant piece of work, one of the most engaging and readable works of British Columbia history in years. That Leiren-Young is a master with words is evident on every page.' —Dave Obee, Times Colonist

 'Detailed, edifying and amazing; it speaks to our dysfunctional relationship with the wild.” —Philip Hoare, author of The Whale and The Sea Inside 
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