A King So Cold

A King So Cold

Written by:
Ella Fields
Narrated by:
Evelyn Rose
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
14 hours 29 minutes
Lies, love, lust and power. Bestselling author Ella Fields delivers a sexy, wickedly addictive dark fantasy romance.

All my life, I’d known my marriage would be arranged. What I never expected was to fall in love.

My betrothed was arrogance dressed in royal finery, and I longed to both disappear and step closer whenever he entered the room.

As princess of the Moon Kingdom, and daughter of the cruelest king our land had ever seen, I was well-versed in deceit and debauchery. The Sun Kingdom’s sly prince was no threat to me.

Assuming that was a grave mistake. For the ever-present smirk, irritating charm, and adoring gleam in his eyes began to melt the ice encasing my heart.

All too soon, hatred turned to love. I was captured by something I’d rarely experienced before—happiness.
But I should’ve known better.
After all, I’d been raised by a monster. And little did I know I was about to marry one.
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