The Knights Templar: A Captivating Guide to a Powerful Catholic Military Order and Their Impact on the Crusades

The Knights Templar: A Captivating Guide to a Powerful Catholic Military Order and Their Impact on the Crusades

Written by:
Captivating History
Narrated by:
Jay Herbert
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
3 hours 26 minutes
Everyone likes stories of adventure and courage. And you will find just that in this audiobook.

People get a thrill from hearing about knights in shining armor racing across the battlefield and doing all kinds of works of chivalry. This is an audiobook about one of the best-known knights of the Middle Ages. Best of all, this is not fiction; the Knights Templar were very real, and their story is amazing.

The story of the Knights Templar is traced from its beginning to its end. This audiobook also includes some of the best-known legends and myths of the Knights Templar and how their influence is still felt today.

The Crusades come alive in this audiobook. The Knights Templar was a formal force and personified the crusading spirit of the time.

You will learn more than just combat episodes, as this audiobook looks at the other side of the Templars, such as how they financed their endeavors, their ability to manage land and properties, and what made them the most amazing warrior monks of all. You will also discover how this group of brave and virtuous men was brought down by the greed of one man.

The story of the Knights Templar is one of chivalry not found in fairytales. They were men on a mission, and many died trying to fulfill it. Anyone who loves accounts of the Middle Ages will discover stories about the order that are not known by many people. Best of all, these stories are true.

By listening to this audiobook you will discover:

- The Templars were usually outnumbered on the battlefield but won anyway.
- Many Templar castles still exist and are amazing tourist attractions.
- The Templars were some of the largest landowners in Europe.
- The Templars were not just warriors; they were also financial managers.

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