Kokoro: Japanese Wisdom for a Life Well Lived

Kokoro: Japanese Wisdom for a Life Well Lived

Written by:
Beth Kempton
Narrated by:
Beth Kempton
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2024
6 hours 0 minutes
This book invites you to cultivate stillness and contentment in an ever-changing, uncertain world, inspired by ancient and contemporary Japanese wisdom.

Drawing on a thousand years of Japanese literature, culture, and philosophical ideas to explore the true nature of time and what it means to be human, Kokoro–which mysteriously translates as "heart-mind"–is a meditation on living well. 

Join Japanologist Beth Kempton on this life-changing pilgrimage far beyond the tourist trail, to uncover the soul of the country, its people, and its deeply buried wisdom. 

Distilling insight from a rich variety of sources, from centuries-old poetry and ancient Zen texts to martial arts teaching and contemporary philosophy, alongside the real-life stories of modern day pioneers, Kokoro offers an inspiring take on what it truly means to be happy,so that you can live each day with wonder and ease. 
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