The Language of Lenormand: A Practical Guide for Everyday Divination

Written by:
Erika Robinson
Narrated by:
Julienne Irons

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
5 hours 13 minutes
A much-needed guide to this increasingly popular divination system written by a Lenormand master and teacher.

The Lenormand deck, consisting of thirty-six numbered and named cards, has been popular in Europe for centuries, and has now been embraced in North America by tarot enthusiasts, oracle readers, and others. Each card depicts an archetype-a fox, a snake, a coffin, or whip, for example-rather than tarot's somewhat more involved symbology. This makes the Lenormand system an easy entry point to divination.

Respected Lenormand authority, Erika Robinson believes that Lenormand is not just a deck of cards, but is also a language that, if mastered, can help one achieve self-empowerment and the ability to attain the life you desire. In this, her first book, Robinson, a longtime English teacher, helps listeners become fluent in the language of Lenormand. The author provides a guide to the meanings of each card, so that no prior knowledge of Lenormand is required, however this is a sophisticated Lenormand book that takes Lenormand to the next level and is suitable for those who are already familiar with it.
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