The Last Chronicle of Barset

Written by:
Anthony Trollope
Narrated by:
LibriVox Volunteers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
35 hours 23 minutes
Both Trollope and some of his later critics have considered The Last Chronicle to be his greatest novel. Many of its characters are familiar from the earlier Barsetshire novels, including the Rev. Josiah Crawley, the impoverished curate of Hogglestock, whose alleged theft of £20, together with the efforts of many to clear up the mystery, lie here at the center. Central also is the trying courtship between Major Grantly and Grace Crawley, the clergyman's daughter, over the objections of the Major's parents, Archdeacon Grantly and his wife; and the adventures of Johnny Eames, a protagonist of the Small House at Allington. Finally, it is in The Last Chronicle that Bishop Proudie of Barsetshire and his domineering wife, introduced in Barchester Towers, achieve their fullest and most dramatic portrayal.(Summary by Nicholas Clifford)
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Wonderful book, especially if you have heard the rest of the series beforehand. Readers are very mixed in ability. It is rather disconcerting to hear such a wide variety of accents and abilities

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Andrew Susin

Nice story with a message and some highly interesting characters but reads like a poor man's Dickens as in could have done with a lot of editing. As with most of the Librivox offerings you have to be prepared to adjust for many different voices for the same characters. That said some of the readers were outstanding and could have a great career doing this professionally. I always forgive Dickens' lack of editing knowing that he was paid by the word and his need for an income along with the plain fact that he was a great storyteller but in the case of Trollope who was writing as a hobby, I would have preferred that the book was cut down to a third of its length

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