Laws of Prospecting: How I made over a $1,000,000 using only 3 basic Prospecting Laws

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2011
0 hours 24 minutes
Celebrated speaker, trainer, and author Ryan Chamberlin shares the vital knowledge that allowed him to earn millions when he was still in his twenties. Taken from specific chapters in his book titled Now You Know:Why Some Succeed and Others Fail…, Laws of Prospecting will teach you there is no shortage of prospects, but you do have a shortage of time. Learning one basic principle and three laws will streamline your selling process and produce results—today! Bestselling author Gary Smalley states, 'Ryan teaches people how to positively connect, like none have done before.'

Why do some succeed and others fail? Have you ever found yourself questioning whether you're coming across properly to your prospect? Have you ever felt like you lose momentum during the initial stages of conversation? Do you ever struggle with knowing when to 'pick up your ball' and go home? This audio program will ensure that your time and effort isn't wasted.
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