Leadership Pain: The Classroom for Growth

Written by:
Samuel R. Chand
Narrated by:
Tim Lundeen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
9 hours 4 minutes
Do you want to be a better leader? Raise the threshold of your pain. Do you want your church to grow or your business to reach higher goals? Reluctance to face pain is your greatest limitation. There is no growth without change, no change without loss, and no loss without pain. The bottom line is this: if you're not hurting, you're not leading. But this book is not a theological treatise on pain. Instead, it provides a concrete, practical explanation of the pain we experience to help us interpret pain more accurately and learn the lessons God has in it for us. Included in this leadership treasure trove are these features: POWERFUL, PERSONAL STORIES from some of the finest leaders in the world REVEALING INSIGHTS into the growth that occurs through pain PRACTICAL EXERCISES that apply the valuable principles taught With these, listeners will be able to identify their challenges and develop strategies to move from perceiving pain as a prison to understanding that it's a classroom for growth.
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Dr. LaTonya

This book was insightful, helpful and encouraging. It broadened my comprehension and adjusted my overall perception of leadership pain.

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