Leadership Presence

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
1 hour 56 minutes
Lead with charisma and confidence.

Many leaders consider 'executive presence' a make-or-break factor in high-powered promotions. But what is this elusive quality, and how do you develop it?

This book explains how to build the charisma, confidence, and decisiveness that top leaders project. Whether you're delivering a critical presentation or managing a hectic meeting, you'll be inspired to approach the situation with new strength.

This volume includes the work of: Deborah Tannen, Amy J. C. Cuddy, and Amy Jen Su.

This collection of articles includes 'Deconstructing Executive Presence,' by John Beeson; 'How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals,' by Amy Jen Su; 'To Sound Like a Leader, Think About What You Say, and How and When You Say It,' by Rebecca Shambaugh; 'Connect, Then Lead,' by Amy J. C. Cuddy, Matthew Kohut, and John Neffinger; 'The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why,' by Deborah Tannen; and 'Too Much Charisma Can Make Leaders Look Less Effective,' by Jasmine Vergauwe, Bart Wille, Joeri Hofmans, Robert B. Kaiser, and Filip De Fruyt.
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