Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Written by:
Sheryl Sandberg
Narrated by:
Elisa Donovan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2013
6 hours 27 minutes
#1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER • “A landmark manifesto' (The New York Times) that's a revelatory, inspiring call to action and a blueprint for individual growth that will empower women around the world to achieve their full potential. 

In her famed TED talk, Sheryl Sandberg described how women unintentionally hold themselves back in their careers. Her talk, which has been viewed more than eleven million times, encouraged women to “sit at the table,” seek challenges, take risks, and pursue their goals with gusto. Lean In continues that conversation, combining personal anecdotes, hard data, and compelling research to change the conversation from what women can’t do to what they can. Sandberg, COO of Meta (previously called Facebook) from 2008-2022, provides practical advice on negotiation techniques, mentorship, and building a satisfying career. She describes specific steps women can take to combine professional achievement with personal fulfillment, and demonstrates how men can benefit by supporting women both in the workplace and at home.
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Good book to listen on the go. The narrator is very impressive.

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I am a young professional and can only recommend this book. (Sheryl's Ted talk gives you a good first impression.) While listening to this book I adjusted my own behaviour at work and probably more important: I can recognize and thereby challenge some of the stereotypes within me that hold both me and others back.

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this is an amazing book. it really makes you opens your eyes to everything around you and makes you feel like you can also lean in to a job and future as well

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Great insight. Although geared a more towards mothers VS young pro on the advice. The key learning though is important and relevant for all age groups, especially younger women to be aware of certain issues that might arise in their future

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Lois G.

Sound and beneficial examples to inspire action!

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Ryan R.

I liked how they made it for anyone to listen to and be relatable. I’m implementing what I took away from this book already.

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Traci C

Thoroughly enjoyed this book and was able to use elements of this book in negotiating leverage for a position that was offered while reading it. Thanks!

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juana V

Very inspiring, for both workplace and personal growth

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Rod D

Great book - very inspiring for both men and women

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shawna r

Great read. It opened my mind on the gender differences in Corporate America.

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Eva Adam

First I was afraid it is another one of those books that will only focus on how men and society don't treat women equally at work. Luckily it has shown a great mirror into what are the things we do to help create that and what are the things we can change in ourselves. Changing society one female leader at a time. Very insightful.

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Marie-Eve Racine

Was a great book to read. More relevant and inspiring than the first time I read it!

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Emily Thacker

Incredibly eye-opening in helping me understand my own tendencies. It also made me aware of how to totally look at some of my female colleges through a gender biased lens. The first half of the book was more intriguing to me--but I still enjoyed the whole thing. Appropriate for women and men!

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Kate Twelker

Eye-opening. Really changed the way I look at my career track, my upbringing, and how I parent my daughter.

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Jemma Wolfe

I loved this book! Practical, relevant and fascinating. A must-read for women in the workplace.

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Terrie Estes

Truths that every woman in the workplace can relate to. Encouragement that every woman can use.

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stevenson greene

Was an amazing listen and so smart and gave me inspiration even as a man.

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Trish Ruth

Encouraging for woman to ask for opportunities and the confidence to follow through. The nudge we need to take a leap.

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Ning Rogers

A book worth reading for all women and men at work

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Ileana Ferber

The most inspiring book I've ever read. I highly recommend this book to both mean and women, especially teenagers. We need to start making a difference. We need to lean in.

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Fedilia Guzman

This was a phenomenal read! I am in the process of reading it for the second time because I want to make sure that I don't miss any of the fascinating work/life balance suggestions offered to everyone but with an emphasis on working/professional women, on full time 24/7 super moms and the women who chose to combine both talents :). She also emphesizes on troubles among gender biases in the workplace and the troubles couples or marriages may face dealing with what society says gender roles should be. She encourages us to have a strong support system and to not negate our dreams of a better life because we think that we can not do it... when in fact yes we can.I love that Sheryl Sandberg offers facts and statistics that are pulled from a variety of not only credible, but reliable sources and proven studies. She encourages us to have a strong support system and to not negate our dreams of a better life because we think that we can not do it... when in fact yes we can. I like that she is not idealistic and up front tells us that we can NOT have it all... the key is having a healthy strong support system and the ability and the will of obtaining the maximum work/life balance. Great read, I recommend it 100%

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Lisa McQuade

Great book and a must read for women both working outside the home and inside the home

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Hilori Kaloti

Fantastic book for women at all stages of their career. Definitely recommend it for women but also for men to understand the realities of the world of women

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This is an excellent book that aims to not only empower women, but to give men confidence that it's okay and right to empower women, too. The book is filled with anecdotes and statistics that will probably strike a chord with most women who listen to it--it's nice to finally have a firm way to describe some of the feelings and anxieties that I've experienced throughout a lot of my life. This book is not at all about putting men down. It's about encouraging women to raise up and, through a more thorough and critical understanding of the sociological obstacles they need to break down (both inside and out), feel empowered to pursue opportunities with equal confidence as their male counterparts. The narrator's voice is much younger-sounding than I was expecting. Seeing as it's not uncommon these days for authors to narrate their own books (especially biographies/memoirs) I was a little let down that Sandberg didn't narrate it herself; however, Elisa Donovan does an excellent job.

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Anni Powers

Excellent. I will be recommending this to every woman I know. I particularly enjoyed the insights related to choosing a partner who is supportive-great advice for young women!!

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