Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
6 hours 4 minutes
A traitor with stolen information.

Adam Campbell, 33, blacklisted CIA agent, needs to get covert information into the right hands. Alone and on the run, his world suddenly stops when he discovers the identity of the Pegasus operative who is on his tail. Arranging a meeting just to gaze into the eyes of the man he's always loved, Adam is set up and almost killed. Out of resources and nowhere to turn, Adam returns to the only home he's ever known.

An operative who always catches the bad guy.

Dalton Weber, 38, second in command of Pegasus, has a job to do: Stop ex-CIA agent, code name Sphinx, from selling classified information. When Sphinx disappears after Dalton's botched attempt at contact, Dalton takes a break. Going home for the holiday, Dalton finds Adam, the man he'd walked away from years ago.

A surprising encounter.

Imagine Adam's shock when Dalton shows up. Imagine Dalton's disbelief when he finds out the facts about the man who has always owned his heart. When explosions, secrets, and attempted murder hit close to home, Pegasus opens up a lethal dose of ass kicking. Will that be enough to stop the bad guys and give Adam a chance to come clean?

Contains mature themes.
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