The Lie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
7 hours 56 minutes
I walked away from my billion-dollar inheritance. But I guess I didn’t walk far enough… because yesterday my inheritance came back to me. In order to claim it, I need to find a fake fiancée to satisfy my family’s demands. That’s where my tyrannical, uptight boss Nancy comes in—a royal pain in the seat of the secondhand jeans I’ve worn since the day I became her bartender. The truth is I’ve been lying for seven years. I figure I can lie for one more weekend. But what I can’t lie about is how I’ve started to see the usually buttoned-up Nancy in a whole new light—how I’ve started to notice how sexy she is out of those overly prim pencil skirts and how much I want to rub my fingers over her strawberry-red mouth. But I can’t... because she’s my boss, because it’s only a weekend, and because our pretend relationship—one of many amongst my family’s most dangerous secrets—is only a lie… Isn’t it?
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