Lieutenant Commander Spacemage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
7 hours 25 minutes
There's no such thing as a nice clean war.

If fighting a war which might never end wasn't enough, now the Imperium has a new enemy. But now promoted to be a genuine squadron leader, Bud finds himself leading more than his squadron. Just how complicated can war get?

Is the enemy of your enemy really your enemy? Or can their enemy become your friend while you're still at war with each other?

Even in the middle of a brand new war, Bud finds people who think they know better about what he should be doing. He's thousands of light years away, and there are always still obligations to home which must be fulfilled, and the future to be provided for.

And just maybe, can they be made to work for you on the fringes of the core?

The Imperium really has no business in that part of space, let alone fighting another war, but what do you do when you get asked for help, and the original hero is not available?

You send in Lieutenant Commander Spacemage.
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