Lizzie McGuire: A Very Lizzie Summer & A Totally Hottie Summer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
7 hours 24 minutes
Sun (check). Fun (check). Friends (check). Tortures of junior high (on hold!) Get ready to jump into summer with Lizzie McGuire in A Very Lizzy Summer and A Totally Hottie Summer!

A Very Lizzy Summer

It’s summertime and the living is sweet. Well, it’s gonna be if Lizzie finishes at the top of her junior-lifeguard class. Then she’ll get to assist that hottie lifeguard at the Hillridge community pool for the rest of the summer. There’s only one snag—Queen of Mean Kate Sanders wants the top spot, too. Hello! Can you say sabotage? Will Lizzie get sunk, or will she get a summer job near a hunk? Meanwhile, Lizzie’s best friend, Miranda, starts crushin’ on an Internet chat pal. And her other bestie, Gordo, gets an extremely disturbing extreme makeover.

A Totally Hottie Summer

School is out and things couldn’t be better. Because summer vacation means three things: fun, friends, and shopping. Unfortunately, Lizzie’s mom has other plans, like volunteer work. Things start to look up when Lizzie spots crush-boy Ethan Craft during her first day on the job. Soon she meets a cute new guy named Josh at a neighborhood party and also gets assigned to work with a tall, dark, handsome—and quiet—boy named Colin. Suddenly, Lizzie is surrounded by hotness. But will her toad of a brother ruin her chance at summer romance? Could Miranda be trying to steal one of Lizzie’s guys? And who is Gordo’s secret admirer? It’s a totally hottie—and totally Lizzie—summer.
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